Left Vocal Cord Paralysis

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Thanks for the informative website & videos. I was diagnosed with idiopathic VCP 2-weeks ago - going on now for 6-weeks. I am waiting to see a specialist at a voice/swallowing center (UC Davis) - unfortuantely a month + out still. A few questions, I'd be grateful if you could answer: 1) I need to speak to do my job. The ENT said surgery/injection would further limit my airway (20% blocked now) - which is difficult as my passion is distance running/cycling/sports in general (and I already greatly notice my impacted airway on exertion). Is this true (your video leaves me questioning that, as it didn't seem to indicate that); 2) Do you know on average, how many patients re-aquire a voice (idiopathic)? I've scoured the literature, but can't find any real numbers. Thank you very much for your time and help.