has surgery disadvantage for voice for cleaning voice of lumps?

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Hi.about one month ago I asked you about arytenoid dislocation & I explained all of my problems for you in a subject (several problem(chronic nodules ....) & now i have had a strobovideo laryngoscopy 2 hours ago.& now the voice therapist says it s not nodule it s polyp.how does a nodule changed to a polyp when I am always silent?& what s white tissue on it?& i have had to say before these explanation that i have got a little better in speaking in comparison with 1 month ago.I upload my larynx photo here.Please see and give your opinion..this is video html:http://www.uplooder.net/cgi-bin/dl.cgi?key=9135efd8a8da4cb38c7911014f670c0a
So if it will be necessary for me to have surgery for cleaning the vocal cord of lumps(polyps,cysts,…I don’t know) does the surgery affect on or reduce the extent(high ptch low pitch..) of my voice?
And if you have any advice before surgery for me I would be happy to know.
Thank for your nice informational website & your good useful research