Exaggerate procedures?

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Hello Doctor,

I can hear a deeper hum that has roughly, if not the same, pitch throughout all my vocalized pitches. It becomes more apparent when I close my mouth to mute off the mouth's resonance. Is that the resonance produced by the pharynx? Does the length of the vocal tract also affect this pitch?
(Sorry for going off tangent here, but how effective is speech therapy in raising the pharynx resonance, if at all?)

I am curious whether the thyrohyoid elevation procedure (if that is the one which addresses this issue) could be exaggerated/amplified to raise a whole octave, not just a few pitches, to reach an unmistakable female tone than a woman with a deep voice? What are the additional risks?
This is a major concern since it is probably the way a male and female voice is differentiated.

I am 26 years old with an average male voice.