L Vocal Cord Paralysis due to Recurrent Papillary Thyroid Ca

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Recently, the thyroid ca I had 43 years ago, returned and left me with a left vocal cord paralysis. My voice is soft and I need speech therapy. I
would like to find a speech therapist who is familiar with throat cancer patients affected by paralyzed vocal cords.
How do I find a GOOD speech pathologist in my area? Orange county, Ca.
My primary doctors are @ MD Anderson Cancer Center in Texas. I have not hooked up with any docs here in Orange County who could refer me.

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Submitted by James P Thomas MD on Sun, 2014-03-16 10:38

I am not aware that a speech therapist can do anything to correct vocal paralysis. I have occasionally seen a therapist who can teach you how to apply back pressure as a form of splinting the vocal cords. However, compared to an injection augmentation of the paralyzed and atrophic vocal cord were compared to surgery which corrects the atrophy and position of the paralyzed vocal cord, speech therapy requires a lot of work for very little gain.