Sport injury

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I have had already 3 separate surgeries on my voice box since my hockey injury in 1991 which paralyzed my right vocal cord.
2 of them helped push the right over to meet the left, and the last one was an implant.
I now can use it to talk on a cell phone with competing noises, with the window down for instance, but still talking to someone during a party I have to almost shout at them for them to hear me.
I also have developed what I call, the Chewbacca syndrome, where my voice flutters now like the character in Star Wars if I blow out steady air on certain vowel sounds.
Would the Injection laryngoplasty help in strenghtening the resonance of my voice?
Thank you for your time and advice on my situation.
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Submitted by James P Thomas MD on Sat, 2012-04-07 13:05


Dear Grant,


It would be most helpful for someone to visualize what is making the fluttering sound that you describe. Once that is identified, a treatment can be proposed to stop the flutter. In general, if your vocal cords close completely, your voice will be loud and clear. So if you are still having an inadequate volume, this suggests that the vocal cords are not coming completely together. It sounds like it is time for a good vocal cord examination performed at the volumes and pitches that you are having trouble with. I list a number of laryngologists at