Hradcany Castle, Prague

The 10th biennial PEVOC is being held in Prague, Czech Republic. The opening ceremony with the Prague youth choir in the Rudolfinum was spectacular and a great time to catch up with colleagues. Jan Svec, conference organizer, opening up the conference.         Opening night gala               Young performers from the Czech Youth Opera and their director. Tassos Hantzakos joins in a traditional Czech dance.             Party on the waterfront.

 Parc du Mont Boron, Nice, France

2nd Meeting of European Academy of ORL-HNS & CE ORN-HNS - European Academy of ORL and Head & Neck Surgery (EAORL-HNS) The European Academy of otolaryngology hosted a lovely spring meeting in Nice, France. The laryngology sessions were excellent with an outstanding faculty dinner at Hotel Negresco. I enjoyed all of the new ideas discussed both in the lectures and in the hallways.       I also enjoyed exploring the views from the hills of Nice, France.  

Luis Velazquez Lechuga, James Thomas, Fermin Zubiaur, Baltazar Servin Vargas

Sociedad Mexicana de Otorrinolaringologia y Cirugia de Cabeza y Cuello I was invited to speak at the Mexican otolaryngology conference which was held in Guadalajara, Mexico May 1-4. The formation of a laryngology subspecialty group for Mexico began during the meeting.   Former Fellows-Luis Velazquez Lechuga, James Thomas, Fermin Zubiaur, Baltazar Servin Vargas            

chronic bacterial laryngitis

Bacterial laryngitis:  This 73-year-old male had intermittent hoarseness in the past. 6 weeks prior to his visit he developed hoarseness that did not go away. On his exam, he had a red, dry, crusty irritation.

This is a lecture outline for a talk I am giving on 2013-02-28 in Nice, France at the CEORL conference. High-definition Laryngology is using high and low technology to optimally visualize pathology of the vocal cords and larynx.   There are two components to Imaging which can be divided into  high technology and  low technology.  

Mette Pedersen presented a Cochrane reveiw of the medical literature on the topic of the correlation between laryngopharyngeal reflux symptoms and hoarseness. None of the 302 articles she reviewed were adequate to prove or suggest any association between the two conditions. My takeaway: the null hypothesis is likely correct. There is no correlation between laryngopharyngeal reflux symptoms and hoarseness.

Leukoplakia - verrucous keratosis

Leukoplakia of the left vocal cord. 40 years ago he quit smoking after 10 years of cigarettes. He came in with a lesion on his left vocal cord. After one month, the lesion was still there, perhaps a bit larger. It is viewed here with false color imaging to highlight the blood vessels. At surgery, a close-up of the lesion with a 30° endoscope looks like this. The pathology report described this as verrucus keratosis.

Bilateral large smoker's polyps

She has a 25 pack year history of smoking. She has bilateral, very large, smoker's polyps which are interfering with her breathing and her voice. She is almost always called "sir" on the telephone. On the left she is breathing out, and on the right she is breathing in. 

5 months ago Teflon was injected into the left paralyzed cord

After neck surgery 20 years ago, he developed a weak voice from a left sided paralyzed vocal cord. Five months ago Teflon was injected into the left vocal cord for a left paralyzed vocal cord. His voice has gotten worse since the injection.    

Storz 90 degree rigid endoscope view of vocal cords at high pitch

I had the opportunity to review and compare the KayPentax 70° narrow rigid endoscope, Model 9108 for the past two weeks. I was able to compare it to the Karl Storz Hopkins rod 90° rigid endoscope, Model 8707-DJ. KayPentax lists the specifications for their endoscope:   Total Length: 225 mm Working Length: 189 mm Outer Diameter: 6 mm Actual Visual Filed Angle: 35° Angled View: 70° Depth of Field: 2–40 mm Integral Light Cable: Yes Immersible in Cidex OP: Yes (maximum of 24 hrs continuous immersion)